Dueling Press Releases

Rollo has created two alternate press releases to announce the release of their new CD, "Don't Look." The twin, "dueling" announcements allow newspapers, magazines, and other media to customize their response to this important news event with either an extravagantly exaggerated version of the truth, or a version that is, more or less, accurate. Learn more.

Rollo Performance Log Finally Online

After years gathering digital dust on Rollo's computer hard drive, images of Rollo's legendary performance postcards, never before published, are now online, accessible by clicking here or clicking the "About" button on the red menu bar. In addition to these graphic images, the site contains a record of all Rollo (and The Guise, precursor of Rollo) gigs from the late 1970s and early 1980s. High-resolution images of gig postcards and other memorabilia can be found at by using the "Archives" link on the menu bar.

Rollo Lyrics Online

The full, unabridged lyrics for the songs on Rollo's CD can be found here. Don't "line the pan" on Rollo tunes anymore!

Rollo Progeny Create Music Videos

Children of Rollo have written, produced, directed, and acted in two new music videos based on Rollo songs. Check out these enactments of "Playing Detective," which appears on the new Rollo CD, as well as "Cover girl," a classic Rollo hit never before available except in rare bootlegged cassette tapes.

More Videos on the Rollo Rocks YouTube Channel

Find new Rollo videos, including not only songs from the "Don't Look" CD, but also never-before-published classics from Rollo's early days, on our Rollo Rocks YouTube channel. Links to all Rollo videos can be found here.
CD cover - Don't Look

Rollo's CD Don't Look Available Now.

Heyday of the Automobile: ROLLO video classic!

Why "Rollo"?

The name "Rollo" derives from the literary character created by Jacob Abbott as reinterpreted by Charles Ives. Learn more.

Now on iTunes!

iTunes logo For the first time, Rollo songs can be previewed and purchased on iTunes, as well as on other online sites such as Amazon.com.

Free Ringtones

Preview Rollo songs on iTunes before (or after) purchasing the CD. Download cellphone ringtones for all your favorite Rollo songs, available in MP3 format as well as in m4r (for iPhones). Rollo ringtones.

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